This space shows a facet of Nick Bea, a human with  some unprofessional experience in liberal art and creative work, and some professional experience in the digital world. Continuing a turn toward the world of atoms, dialogue, and narrative.

My aim here is to make some connections, use writing and media as an aid to thought. Topics you might see:

  • Questions on story and myth
  • Notes on readings
  • Learnings about physical goods and their production
  • Economic / tech progress and the lack thereof
  • Popular psychology, science writing, amateur philosophy, and rules of thumb for action
  • Policy abstracted from parties (e.g. alternative voting methods like STV)

I'd probably like to hear from you, especially if you're interested in ways of shoring up community feeling, making science research more accessible, or if you're excited to talk about the things listed above. In short, if you're charitable and human. And if there's some way you think I can give you a hand, let me know.

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